Responsive Design

Reach the ever increasing number of mobile devices with your website.

With the increasing popularity of “mobile” devices for internet access, a whole new dimension has been introduced into web design. Creating websites that detect the size of the device they are viewed on and “respond” by resizing images and rearranging the layout for easier viewing on the smaller screens is known as “Responsive Website Design.”

For an example on how this works, if you are viewing this page on a fullsize desktop or laptop screen, reduce the window size. Grab the edge of the window with your cursor and narrow the width down to approximate the size of a tablet computer, and then make it even smaller- the size of a smart phone screen. Watch how the images scale to fit the new size and how the layout changes to facilitate easy viewing. The navigation menu and the entry “blocks” rearrange so the site can be read in an ordered and easy to follow fashion.

Internet Devices

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms,
and browsers that need to work with your site grows.
Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift
in how we build websites for the decade to come.

Jeffrey Veen, CEO and Founder, Typekit

A responsive website is not necessary for all applications. Some websites are designed for and need to be viewed on a full sized screen. The first question to ask is how much of your traffic is viewing your website on mobile devices. Restaurants are a classic example. People looking for a place to dine frequently search for recommendations and make reservations on their mobile devices. A responsive design that displays a menu appetizingly on any size screen can bring in extra business. Contact Foley Creek Design and we can help you assess your website and see if a revamp to a responsive design is for you.


Google calls it “Mobile Apocalypse”

Well, that may be a little bit on the extreme side. It really doesn’t compare to… oh, say… a “zombie apocalypse”. We take your existing content, plug it into a Bootstrap template, maybe modernize things a bit, and away you go, no zombies and mobile ready. Contact Foley Creek Design today for a quote on switching your website over to responsive. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.