Graphic Design

Computer – Generated Imagery – “CGI”

Caveman Artist

Early Graphic Designer

Graphic Design dates back to the good old caveman days. When not out hunting food, looking for a mate at the local watering hole, or contemplating the meaning of life, our intrepid ancestors spent some of their time dressing up their homes.

Pictographs on cave walls and ceilings were some of the earliest works in the field of graphic design. Eons later, people still admire the style and ponder the meaning, or symbolism, of these works.
Today we can utilize graphic design to advertise our products, demonstrate our designs and ideas, and brighten up our lives and the lives of others with some visual “eye candy”.

Modern Graphic Designer

Modern Graphic Designer

Utilizing the latest technology, Foley Creek Design can help you express yourself and get your ideas and products online or in print. Logos, website headers, banners, illustrations, animations and dynamic backgrounds. Contact us today for information and quotes.

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